Dell Rackmount Rails

Tekmart Africa offers a wide variety of Dell rack rail kits for mounting various types of equipment including servers, storage arrays, KMM/KVM consoles, routers, and switches.

Equipment racks can come as two post racks or four post racks with either square holes or round holes. Rail kits will need to not only work with the specific system but also either be universal or created specifically for one of these rack types.

These Dell rail kits are designed to be installed in Dell rack enclosures, which have square mounting holes for tool-less installation, and may also be compatible with racks from other vendors, including square-hole, round-hole, and threaded-hole racks.

Note that Dell rail kits with a Rail Identifier code have been designed to be compliant with the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) Specification for Computer Server Cabinet Enclosures & Racks, which specifies a minimum offset distance for return flanges on the rack mounting flanges to allow sufficient room for mounting the rail kits.

The ReadyRails™ II mounting interface supports tool-less installation in 4-post square-hole and unthreaded round-hole racks as well as native support for tooled installation in threaded-hole racks. Note that installing this mounting interface in a square-hole rack allows the bracket to be placed flush against the mounting post, while installation in a round-hole rack results in a slight offset of approximately 6 mm from the mounting post.

The original ReadyRails mounting interface is used for both static and sliding rails, and supports tool-less installation in 4-post square-hole and unthreaded round-hole racks. Static ReadyRails kits also support tooled installation in threaded-hole racks and 2-post racks. In order to install sliding ReadyRails kits into a threaded-hole rack, adapter brackets are required.

Rail types Sliding rails allow you to fully extend the system out of the rack for service. To help manage the numerous cables associated with rack-mounted servers, use the optional cable management arm (CMA) with the sliding rails that you can attach on either the right or left side without tools. Note that using a CMA with a deeper system may interfere with access to power distribution units (PDUs) in certain racks.

If your configuration does not require CMA support, you can remove the outer CMA mounting brackets from some of the sliding rail kits to reduce the overall length of the rails and eliminate potential interference with rear-mounted PDUs or the rack rear door.

1U and 2U sliding rails have been standardized with a slim drop-in design that holds a wide system chassis to accommodate more features and functions. They also have a self-adjusting mechanism that accommodates different depths of systems, offering compatibility across multiple platform models.

Static rails do not support the ability to service the system in the rack and are not compatible with the CMA. However, they do offer more flexibility in the types of racks and installations supported.

In order to make sure you select the correct rail kit for your device, you will need the model number of your device / system and the type of rack you have.

Video 1: Installing Dell Combo Rails; and removing these from the racks. 

0093190-07 Dell PowerVault TL2000 2U Rack Expansion Shelf Rails

Dell PowerVault TL2000 2U Rack Rail Rails Expansion Shelf DPN: 0093183-07A 0093190-07 Brand: Dell Part #: 0093183-07A, 0093190-07 ... more info

01CVDX Dell PowerVault MD1220 MD3200i MD3220i 2U Static Rail Kit

Dell PowerVault MD1200 MD1220 MD3200i MD3220i 2U Static Rail Kit DPN: 0M8PRH 01CVDX M8PRH 1CVDX Brand: Dell Part #(s): 0M8PRH... more info

01CVXD 4-Post Universal Rack Mount Rail Kit

Universal 4-Post Rack Mount Rail Kit Part #: 01CVXD Brand: Generic Identifier Part #: 01CVXD Specs:-       4 Post... more info

024V27 00TKYT Dell Rack Mount Rails Type B6 POWEREDGE R720

Dell 2U Ball Bearing Sliding Ready RIGHT Rail Kit II for PowerEdge R720 R820 Part #: 024V27 Brand: Dell Part #: 331-4434, 770-11608,... more info

02J1CF Dell 1 U Cable Management Arm Kit

Dell 1 U Cable Management Arm Kit DPN:02J1CF,2J1CF Brand: Dell Part #: 02J1CF Condition: New, open box Warranty: 90-day 1 (one) year Tekmart... more info

03YWX4 Dell PowerEdge C2100 Sliding Rails

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Dell 2U Sliding Rail Kit for PowerEdge C2100 DPN: 3YWX4, 03YWX4,330-8520 Brand Dell Part #(s) 3YWX4, 03YWX4,330-8520 Specs:- ... more info

05RN1M Dell Static Rails Type A5 KVM 1081AD 2161AD 1082DS 2162DS

Dell Static Rails 05RN1M Type A5 KVM 1081AD 2161AD 1082DS 2162DS 4322DS 2/4 Post Brand: Dell Part #: 05RN1M, 5RN1M Specs:-   :: ... more info

061KCY, 0FYK4G Dell PowerEdge R430XD R520 R720 Rail Kit Set

Dell 2U Sliding Ready Rail Kit for PowerEdge R520/R720/R820 DPN: 061KCY,61KCY Brand: Dell Part #: 061KCY, 0FYK4G Specs:-  ... more info

091PJX Dell PowerVault PV200s 3U Server Rapid Rails

Dell PowerVault PV200s PV210s PV220s PV221s 3U Server Rapid Rails DPN: 91PJX,091PJX Brand: Dell Part #: 91PJX,091PJX Specs:-  ... more info
0948728-13 Dell Compellent SC280 5U Rail Kit
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0948728-13 Dell Compellent SC280 5U Rail Kit

Dell Compellent SC280 5U Rail Kit DPN: 0948728-13 Brand: Dell Part #: 0948728-13 Specs:-   ::  Type: Server / Storage Rail... more info

0CN368 Dell PowerEdge M1000E Chassis Rapid Rail Kit Set

Dell PowerEdge M1000e 19" 6U Rapid Rail Rack Mount Rails DPN: YK959 CN368 XW098 Brand: Dell Part #: YK959, CN368, XW098,0YK959, 0CN368,... more info

0D20YT Dell 2U Slim Sliding Server Ready rail Kit For R510

Dell PowerEdge R510 R515 R520 R720 R720xd R820 PowerVault DL2200 Sliding Ready Rail Kit Brand: Dell Part #: 0D20YT D20YT Specs:  ... more info

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