Synology Rackmount Rails

Efficiently install your Synology RackStation onto the rack using the Synology Rail Kits. Featuring sliding rails, this rack-mounted equipment facilitates easy and quick installation and removal of the NAS device for maintenance purposes.

Made from quality materials and backed by Synology’s 1-year limited warranty, it ensures a durable performance. 

In addition, these Synology Rail Kits have the following great features:-

  •   ::  Sliding rack mount for effortless installation of the RackStation on the rack
  •   ::  Smoothly functioning sliding rails make it easy to slide the device in and out

RKM114 Synology 1U Rack Kit Fixed Rail

Synology Fixed Rail Kit for RS/RX Models Part #: RKM114 Brand: Synology Part #: RKM114  Specs:-   ::  Type: NAS Fixed... more info

RKS1314 V2.0 Synology 1U 2U Sliding Rail Kit

Synology Slide Rail Rack Mount Ver 1U Storage Nas Part #: 13-0812UR022,RKS1314-V2.0 Brand: Synology Part #(s): RKS1314, 13-0812UR022,... more info
RKS1317 Synology RackStation 1U/2U/3U Rail KitRKS1317 Synology RackStation 1U/2U/3U Rail Kit
Sold Out

RKS1317 Synology RackStation 1U/2U/3U Rail Kit

Synology Sliding Rail For 1U/2U/3U Models Part #: RKS1317 Brand: Synology Part #: RKS1317 Specs:- ::  Physical specifications for... more info

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