IBM Fan Assemblies

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  • Marketing part numbers are used to purchase a product as an additional accessory or upgrade for your computer.
  • Field replacement unit (FRU) part numbers are service part numbers used to replace a defective part currently installed or attached to your computer.
  • IBM Fan Assemblies

00MV396 IBM X3550 M5 Server Fan

IBM X3550 M5 Fan FRU(S): 00MV396 00KC907 00KC800 Brand: IBM Part #: 00MV396 00KC907 00KC800 00KC909 Alt. Part Identifier: EC N32965Z ... more info

09P4664 IBM Fan Assembly for 7311-D10 32N1256

IBM Fan Assembly for 7311-D10 FRU: 09P4664,32N1256 Brand: IBM Part Number(s): 09P4664, 32N1256 Condition: Refurbished Warranty: 90-day... more info

26K8083 IBM (26K8082) Dual Fan Assembly xSeries x3550

IBM x-Series X3550 1U Server  6-Pin 40 mm CPU Cooling Fan FRU(s): 26K8082, 26K8083 Brand: IBM Part #: 26K8083,26K8082 Fan Model:... more info

39Y8488 - IBM 120MM X 38MM FAN X3400 X3500

IBM X3400 X3500 Hot-Swap Case Fan Server 120mm FRU: 39Y8488 41Y9028 This is a genuine IBM Cooling Fan Assembly for x3400 x3500 Series... more info
46C9702 IBM Flex System Enterprise 80mm Fan Module
Sold Out

46C9702 IBM Flex System Enterprise 80mm Fan Module

IBM 80mm Fan Module for IBM Flex System Enterprise FRU: 46C9702 Brand: IBM Part #: 46C9702,81Y2910 Specs:-   ::  Type: Server... more info

59Y3212 IBM X3250 M3 System Fan Assembly

IBM 40MM FAN ASSEMBLY FOR SYSTEM X3250 M3 FRU: 59Y3212 Brand: IBM Part #: 59Y3212 Type: System Cooling Fan Compatibility:... more info

59Y4812 IBM X3850 / X3950 X5 Dual 60mm Middle Fans

IBM x3850 / x3950 X5 60mm Dual Rotor Middle Fans FRU: 59Y4812,59Y4848 Brand: IBM Part(s)-FRU: 59Y4812,59Y4848 Specs:- ... more info

59Y4813 IBM X3850, X3950 X5 120mm Front Fan Assembly

IBM System x3850 X5 / X3950 X5 Front Fan assembly FRU(s): 59Y4813, 59Y4850 Brand: IBM Part #(s)-FRU: 59Y4850,59Y4813 Specs:-  ... more info

74Y5220 IBM 120mm Fan Assembly CCIN 6B1D for Power 740 Servers

IBM (CCIN 6B1D) 120mm Fan Assembly for Power 740 series (8202-E4C, 8202-E4D, 8205-E6C, or 8205-E6D FRU: 74Y6301 Brand: IBM Part... more info

94Y7564 IBM x3550 M4 System Fan (94Y7563)

IBM Fan Module for 1U System X3550 M4 Servers FRU(s):94Y7563,94Y7564  Brand: IBM Part #: 94Y7563,94Y7564  Specs:-  ... more info

IBM X3550 M3 Hot Swap 40 mm Fan – FRUs: 43V6928 / 43V6929

IBM X3550 M3 Hot Swap 40 mm Fan FRU: 43V6928 / 43V6929 Brand: IBM Part #: 43V6928 / 43V6929 Type: Server Fan Compatibility: IBM X3550... more info

IBM X3650 M4 SYSTEM FAN 69Y5611 94Y662

IBM X3650 M4  SYSTEM FAN 69Y5611 94Y662  Brand: IBM Part #: 69Y5611, 94Y662  Compatibility: X3650 M4 Condition: New ... more info

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