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NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group company; the world’s largest manufacturer of NMB miniature ball bearings and a volume leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electro-mechanical components, backlight and LED lighting products and advanced technology solutions for smart cities, medical, automotive and industrial markets.

DC Axial Fans

NMB’s DC Axial Fans range in size from 25mm to 200mm. DC fans include a new line of cooling fans for refrigeration applications as well as our new line of IP69K extreme environment cooling fans, the highest IP rating offered from any cooling fan manufactures, as well as both ball bearing and sleeve bearing fans. Our DC axial fans are used in a variety of industries and applications.

DC fans can be used in consumer appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry washers, dryers. DC fans can also be found inside consumer electronics such as gaming consoles and computers. DC axial fans are also widely used within the medical industry in a variety of medical devices to provide temperature control in a compact environment.

DC fans can be found in oxygen concentrators, ventilators, diagnostic imaging equipment, and other medical devices. There are many industrial applications where DC fans are used, including: computer servers, factory equipment, warehouse robotics, printers, copiers, and any other electrical equipment that requires temperature regulation. DC fans are also used in residential lighting and commercial lighting applications.

AC Axial Fans

NMB’s AC Axial Fans range in size from 60mm to 150mm. AC fans feature UV/Wet location cooling fans, as well as IP54 rated fans for harsh environments. AC fans are available in frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz, as well as varying rated voltages. Standard sizes for an AC axial fan are 60mm, 80mm and 120mm. The most common AC cooling fan voltages that are available in the United States are the 115 and 230 volt fans.

DC Centrifugal Blowers

NMB DC Blowers are available in sizes ranging from 45mm to 145mm. A DC blower is a type of fan used in network servers and telecommunications systems with high impedance from back pressure. These types of fans contain a circular impeller within an enclosed cage, which is often referred to as a “squirrel cage”.

This design allows DC Blowers to create directed airflow under high pressure conditions. A DC Blower has a more concentrated airflow in which the equipment pulls air in from the sides and forces it out at a concentrated 90º angle.

PWM Speed Control Fans

Controlling fan speed using pulse width modulation (PWM) allows fan performance to be tailored to specific application and operating conditions, utilizing an open or closed-loop mechanism. NMB currently offers a range of PWM fans through our distribution partners. In addition, many standard DC Axial Fans can be equipped with PWM speed control if required.

  • ::  Reduces fan noise and vibration
  • ::  Reduces power consumption and energy costs
  • ::  Reduces current surge with soft PWM ramp up
  • ::  Prolongs fan life
  • ::  Reduces total operating cost for project
  • ::  Data centers, storage, switches and routers
  • ::  Industrial power supplies
  • ::  Battery chargers and fuel cells
  • ::  Inverters and UPS
  • ::  Test equipment and other instrumentation
Out of the many other components they manufacture, Tekmart Africa hold stock of the above type of fans for different applications.

800-23784-01 Cisco DC12V 0.25A 3-Pin Connector Switch Fan

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Cisco 40x40x20mm DC12V 0.25A 3-Pin Connector Cooling Fan Part #: 800-23784-01, 1608KL-04W-B79, 800-25948-02 Brand: NMB Technologies... more info

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