Dell EMC Server Heat Sinks

01CW2J Dell PowerEdge heatsink for CPU2 on R440 R540 servers

Dell 2nd CPU Heatsink For PowerEdge R440 R540 DPN: 1CW2J,01CW2J Brand: Del EMC Part #: 1CW2J,01CW2J Specs:-   ::  Type:... more info
0489KP Dell PowerEdge T440 T640 2nd CPU Heatsink0489KP Dell PowerEdge T440 T640 2nd CPU Heatsink
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0489KP Dell PowerEdge T440 T640 2nd CPU Heatsink

Dell EMC PowerEdge T440 Tower Rack Server 2nd CPU Processor Heatsink DPN:489KP 0489KP Brand: Dell Part #: 489KP,0489KP,412-AAMS ... more info

08XH97 Dell PowerEdge R530 135W Heatsink

Dell PowerEdge R530 Server Heatsink DPN: 412-AAGF,08XH97,8XH97 Brand: Dell Part #: 412-AAGF,08XH97,8XH97 Specs:-   :: ... more info

0994RT Dell Heatsink for CPU1 for R440 R540 Servers

Dell Heatsink 1st CPU R440 / R540 / R740XD2 DPN: 994RT,0994RT,412-AAJT Brand: Dell EMC Part #: 994RT,0994RT Specs:-   :: ... more info

0F645J Dell PowerEdge R410 Heatsink

Dell PowerEdge R410 Heatsink DPN: F645J,0F645J This Dell PowerEdge R410 Heatsink F645J comes with our 90-day  1 (one) year Tekmart  Africa... more info

0GF449 Genuine Dell Poweredge Xeon Processor 2950 CPU Heatsink

Dell Poweredge 2950 Processor Heatsink DPN: CN-0GF449 This is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 CPU Processor Heatsink Assembly with Part #: CN-0GF449... more info

0KW180 Dell PowerEdge T610 T710 Processor Heatsink

Dell PowerEdge T610/T710 Heatsink DPN: 0KW180,KW180 Brand: Dell Part #: 0KW180,KW180 Specs:-   ::  Type: Server Processor... more info

0M112P Dell PowerEdge R620 1U Server Heatsink

Dell PowerEdge R620 Heatsink DPN: 0M112P,M112P,N6YNR,0N6YNR Brand: Dell Part #: 0M112P,M112P,N6YNR,0N6YNR Specs:-   ::  Type: Server... more info

0RJHXF Dell PowerEdge R230 / R330 Server Heatsink

Dell Screw-Down Server CPU Cooling Heatsink for PowerEdge R230 R330 Servers DPN: 0RJHXF,RJHXF Brand: Dell Part #: 0RJHXF,RJHXF Specs:- ... more info

0TR995 Dell PowerEdge R610 Heatsink

R649.04  R616.58
Dell PowerEdge R610 Heatsink HPN: TR995,G1TJH,0TR995,0G1TJH Details This Dell PowerEdge R610 Heatsink comes with our 90-day 1 (one) year... more info

0TRJT7 Dell Screw-down heatsink for R740 R740XD R7920 servers

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Dell PowerEdge R740 / R740XD / Precision 7920 Rack CPU High Performance Heatsink DPN: TRJT7,0TRJT7 Brand: Dell Part #: TRJT7,0TRJT7 ... more info

0WV97V Dell PowerEdge R830 CPU Heatsink

Dell PowerEdge R830 Standard CPU Processor Heatsink Unit DPN: WV97V,0WV97V Brand: Dell Part #: WV97V,0WV97V Specs:-   ::  Type:... more info

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