Fibre Channel

A Fibre Channel HBA enables connectivity and data transfer between devices in an FC SAN. An FC HBA can connect a host server to a switch or storage device, connect multiple storage systems, or connect multiple servers when servers are used as both application hosts and storage systems. SAN management software recognizes the HBA as the connection point.

  • Manufacturers of FC HBAs generally update their products in line with increases in the data rates of FC network technology. Fibre Channel products first became available in 1997.
  • FC HBAs have progressed at rates of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, 8 Gbps and 16 Gbps (also known as Generation 5 or Gen 5).
  • The FC roadmap extends to 32 Gbps (Gen 6) and 128 Gbps, which uses parallel FC to stripe four lanes of 32 Gbps FC and create a single link of 128 Gbps. The initial use case for 128 Gbps FC is expected to be inter-switch link connectivity.
  • FC HBA manufacturers generally enhance products with additional features as they update to newer generations of FC technology.
  • Improvements over the years have included data integrity to prevent on-the-wire corruption in database environments, and expanded support for virtualization to increase the density of virtual servers.

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00MJ027 IBM 8Gb FC 4 Port Host Interface for StorWize V7000 G2

IBM 8Gb FC 4 Port Host Interface for IBM StorWize V7000 G2 Alt. Part #: 00MJ027,00MJ028, 00MJ029 Brand: IBM / Lenovo Part #: 00MJ027,00MJ028,... more info

04U852 Dell 64-bit 133MHz Fibre Channel 2Gbps PCI-X HBA Card

Dell Qlogic QLA2340 2GB Server Host Bus Adapter (HBA) Part #: 04U852,4U852 This is a genuine Dell 64-bit 133MHz Fibre Channel 2Gbps... more info

06030276 HUAWEI Emulex 16Gb LPE16002 LP Dual Port Adapter Card

Huawei Emulex LPE16002-M6 2-Port 16GFC FC Network Adapter Part #: 06030276,NS16GOLC01,06030276,LPE16002,02312HBV Brand: Huawei Part... more info

06VK2R Dell Emulex 16GB Dual-Port LPE16002 HBA Network Adapter

Dell / Emulex 16GB Dual Port LPE16002 Low Profile HBA Server Adapter Card DPN: 6VK2R,06VK2R,LPE16002 Brand: Dell Part... more info

0C855M Dell/Emulex LPE12000 8Gb SFP Host Bus Adapter

Dell Emulex LPE12000-E LightPulse 8GB Single Channel PCI-Express Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter with Standard Bracket Card... more info

0P3T0T Dell QLogic QLE2690 FC SP 16Gb/s PCI-e HBA

Dell QLogic QLE2690Ll 16Gb/s PCI-E 3.0 X8 FC Single Port Low Profile HBA DPN: P3T0T, 0P3T0T Brand: Dell Part #(s):- Dell Part #: P3T0T, 0P3T0T ... more info

0VX60F Dell 8GB Low Profile Fibre Channel Dual Port HBA

Dell 8GB Dual-Port HBA PCIe 2-DP Host Bus Adapter LP QLogic QLE2562 DPN: QLE2562L,0VX60F,VX60F Brand: Dell Part #: QLE2562L,0VX60F,VX60F ... more info

340-2110-00 QLogic 8GB Quad Port PCI Express Fibre Channel HBA

QLogic 8GB Quad Port PCI Express Fibre Channel Host Adapter Part #: 340-2110-00 Brand: Qlogic Part #:340-2110-00 Specs:-   :: ... more info


HP STORAGEWORKS FC2242SR Dual 4GB FIBRE CHANNEL PCI-E HBA HPN: A8003A 397740-001 This is a genuine HP FC2242SR Dual Port 4Gb FC PCI-e Adapter... more info

3T3T7 Dell Emulex Lpe31000 16gb Single Port Fibre Channel HBA

Dell Emulex LPe31000 16Gb SFP+ Single Port Full Height HBA DPN: 3T3T7,03T3T7 Brand: Dell Manufacturer: Emulex Specs:-     :: ... more info

42D0503 IBM QLogic QLE2560 8Gb PCI-E Fibre Channel HBA

IBM QLogic QLE2560 8Gb PCI-E Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter 42D0503 HH (Half Height) FRU: 42D0503, 42D0507 Brand: IBM Part... more info

697890-001 HP Storageworks 82E 8Gb Dual Channel Pcie X8 FC HBA

R2,920.80  R2,628.72
HP Storageworks 82E 8Gb Dual Channel Pcie X8 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter With Standard Bracket + 2 x AJ718A HPN: AJ763B, 697890-001,... more info

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