Power 8 System Parts

With the POWER8 range now withdrawn from IBM marketing, and many early systems of this generation being replaced by New Power9 equivalents, we are seeing an increasing availability (and subsequently a lower cost) for refurbished Power8 Servers in the 2nd User Market. 

These last-generation Servers now make a compelling case for price versus performance. We stock most of these Customer Replacement Units (CRUs) and Field Replacement Units (FRUs) here at Tekmart Africa.

Power 8 System Parts

01AF591 IBM 1400W Power Supply Unit for power8 / 9 Systems

IBM 1400W 200-240V AC Power Supply for 8247-22L, 8247-42L pSeries FRU: 01AF591 Brand: IBM Part # (s) IBM Part #: 01FA591 IBM FRU #: ... more info

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