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Hardware RAID is a form of RAID (redundant array of independent disks) where processing is done on the motherboard or a separate RAID card. RAID spreads data on multiple hard disks, balancing overlapping I/O operations. This improves performance and increases the mean time between failures, increasing fault tolerance.

The difference in hardware RAID and software RAID is where the RAID processing happens. Software RAID performs the processing on the host’s CPU. Because it does not use the server processor, hardware RAID provides better performance. However, because of the need for additional hardware, it is more expensive than software RAID.

With hardware RAID, logical disks are configured and mirrored outside of the system. A physical controller manages the array, presenting data to applications and operating systems as logical units. The controller resides on a PCI bus. 

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L3-25188-00A LSI CacheCade HW Key For 9267-8i 9272-8I

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LSI CacheCade HW Key For 9267-8i 9272-8I Part #: L3-25188-00A Brand: LSI  Part #: L3-25188-00A Specs:-   :: ... more info
VROCSTANMOD Intel RAID 0/1/10 Activation
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VROCSTANMOD Intel RAID 0/1/10 Activation

Intel RAID 0/1/10 Activation Part #: VROCSTANMOD Brand: Intel Part #: VROCSTANMOD Specs:-   ::  Platforms: Intel®... more info

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