Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Parts

Oracle’s mid-range SPARC Enterprise M5000 server delivers leading reliability,flexibility, and binary compatibility in a value-priced server by combining the power of Oracle Solaris operating system with RAS features traditionally found on mainframe-class systems. Built on the latest quad-core SPARC64 VII/VII+ or dual-core SPARC64 VI processor, the SPARC Enterprise M5000 server provides enterprise-class service levels for medium-to-large databases, scientific and engineering applications, and consolidation / virtualisation projects.

Based on robust SPARC architecture and running the leading Oracle Solaris11, SPARC Enterprise servers are ideal for customers needing highly scalable, reliable servers that increase their system utilization and performance through virtualization.

The combined leverage of Oracle’s expertise in mission-critical computing technologies and high-performance processor design, with Oracle’s expertise in open, scalable, partition-based network computing, provides the overall flexibility to meet any task.

These Oracle SPARC Enterprise M5000 provides ideal growth capability in a mid-range system. Built with the same mission critical RAS features as its larger enterprise class cousins, it offers a flexible rack-mounted design that is ideal for business function growth.

It features non-stop, self-healing mechanisms and the rock solid, dependability needed to run multiple databases and ERP Applications. It can even host high availability clustering between pairs of physical partitions. Total binary compatibility fully protects your application investments, as well as providing Solaris Containers for further sub-divide resources. Oracle SPARC Enterprise M5000 has the performance leadership to handle your most important business applications.

You will find these genuine and OEM replacement spares for these Oracle SPARC Enterprise M5000 here at Tekmart Africa, in stock !

375-3696 Dual 40Gigabit/Sec QDR InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter

Dual 40Gigabit/Sec (4x) QDR InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter M2 Sun Part #: 375-3696,X4242A. Brand:  Part #: 375-3696 ... more info

501-7647 Sun / Oracle IOB DC-DC Converter Riser

Sun IOB DC-DC Converter Riser DDCR for Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 / M5000 Part #: 501-7647,501-7647-03 Brand: Sun / Oracle Part... more info

541-0507 Sun M8000 PCI Express I/O Boat Expansion Unit

Call for Price
Sun PCIe I/O Boat for External I/O Expansion Unit M8000 M9000 Part # (s): 541-0507, 7050936 Brand: Sun / Oracle Part #: 541-0507,... more info

541-0845-03 Sun Dual SAS HDD Backplane Assembly for M4000 M5000

Oracle Sun Disk Backplane Assembly For Oracle Sun SPARC M4000 / M5000 Part : 541-0845 Brand: Oracle / Sun Part #: 541-0845  ... more info

541-2240 Sun I/O Unit for SPARC Enterprise M4000/M5000 Systems

Sun I/O Tray System Bus Extender with 4 x PCI-Express Slots and 1 x PCI-X Slot for Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000/M5000 Servers Part... more info

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