Dell Transcievers

The Dell™ SFP+ transceiver delivers fiber connectivity to extend the range of your network. This hot-pluggable transceiver with SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) footprint features a duplex LC connector. The Dell networking 16GBase-LRM SFP+ transceiver provides 16GbE connectivity up to 10 m.

Additionally, it provides a unique enhanced digital diagnostic monitoring interface, which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as transceiver temperature, laser bias current, transmitted optical power, received optical power, and transceiver supply voltage.

Figure1: A sample representation of Dell trancievers-Dell 40G QSFP+ Short Range Transceiver-7TCDN; parts we stock at Tekmart Africa.Image result for dell transceivers

06W2YH Dell 8Gbps 850nm SFP+ Transceiver Module

Dell 8Gbps Short Wave Fibre Channel 850nm SFP Optical Transceiver Module DPN: 06W2YH,6W2YH, FTLF8528P2BCV Brand: Dell Manufacturer:... more info

0R8H2F Dell 10GE SFP+ Optical Transciever

Dell 10Gbps (10GBase-SR) Multi-mode Fiber 300m 850nm Duplex LC Connector SFP+ Transceiver Module DPN: RK0CX, 0R8H2F, 407-BBOU Brand: Dell ... more info

0WTRD1 Dell SFP+ 10GbE SR Network Transceiver Module

Dell SFP-10G-SR 10Gbps 10GBase-SR 300m 850nm LC SFP+ Transceiver Module AFBR-709SMZ-FT1 DPN: 0WTRD1,WTRD1,407-10942 Brand: Dell Part... more info

0X3366 Dell 2Gbps 1000Base-SX Multi-Mode Fiber 500m 850nm

Dell 2Gbps 1000Base-SX Multi-Mode Fiber 500m 850nm Transmitter Wavelength LC Connector SFP Transceiver Module DPN: 0X3366, X3366 Brand: Dell ... more info

0XYD50 Dell / Intel Transceiver 10GbE SFP LC MMF

Dell Intel FTLX8574D3BCV-IT 10GbE 850nm SFP+ Transceiver module DPN: 0XYD50,XYD50 Brand: Dell / Inte Part #: 0XYD50,XYD50 Specs:- ... more info

430-4909-HPC Dell Compatible 10GBASE-LRM SFP Transceiver | 10G

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430-4909-HPC Dell Compatible 10GBASE-LRM SFP+ Transceiver | 10G-LRM 10G Ethernet MMF 220m 1310nm DOM LC Duplex 430-4909 100% Dell 430-4909... more info

GF76J Dell Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) 850nm Transceiver

R704.70  R598.99
Dell Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) 850nm Transceiver Module DPN: GF76J,0GF76J Brand: Dell Part #: GF76J,0GF76J Specs:-   :: ... more info

N743D Transceiver Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL 10GBASE-SR/SW 10Gbps

Transceiver Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL 10GBASE-SR/SW; 10Gbps FC Fibre Channel; SFP+ Short Wavelength; 850nm DPN: N743D, 0N743D Part Number: N743D ... more info

Y3KJN Dell Intel 10Gb SFP+ FC Short Range Transceiver

Dell Intel 10Gb SFP+ FC Short Range Transceiver DPN:Y3KJN, AFBR-709DMZ-IN2 Brand: Dell Part # (s): Dell Part #: Y3KJN,0Y3KJN Avago Part... more info

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