Unraid Cards

Do you intend on using HBA cards to run more drives on your unraid systems?

If you're using Unraid, you don't need all that (since the software is doing the raid for you)... You just need a bunch of disks (JBOD) hooked up to your motherboard.

HBA or host bus adapter, basically creates additional buses and gives access to cpu over pcie, it basically just converts pcie lanes to another component in this case raid controller cards. Crossflashing to IT mode (LSI by design) is used to allow different funcionality using the same chipset, in the case of NAS, it's to provide a true JBOD i.e. direct access to drives via the bus, rather than emulating it behind a RAID software.

PCIe 2 has 500 MB/s bandwidth per lane, so an x8 card(LSI HBAs tend to be x8) would have 250 MB/s available for each of 16 connected drives. A 16i card seems generally more expensive than 2 8i cards(or 8i plus expanded) but would save you a PCIe slot.

Any LSI HBA card in IT mode should work fine.

Most branded cards like Fujitsu, HP, Dell etc all start life off as an LSI card. That's why many (not all) can be flashed into "IT mode".

In this section, we will list the cards that our technical department have verified and tested to have been flashed into IT mode and ready for your UnRaid applications.

9211-8i LSI 9240-8i 6Gbps SAS HBA FW-P20 IT Mode with Cables9211-8i LSI 9240-8i 6Gbps SAS HBA FW-P20 IT Mode with Cables
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9211-8i LSI 9240-8i 6Gbps SAS HBA FW-P20 IT Mode with Cables

LSI 9240-8i 6Gbps SAS HBA FW:P20 9211-8i IT Mode for ZFS FreeNAS unRAID Part #: 9211-8i, LSI 9211-8I, LSI SAS9211-8I Brand: LSI Part... more info

9271-8i LSI Logic LSI00330 MegaRAID 8-Port SAS Card

LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i 8Port 6Gb/s PCI Express 3.0 1GB DDR3 SATA / SAS RAID Single Controller Card Part #: LSI00330 Brand: LSI Logic ... more info

H215J Dell H200 Integrated 6Gbps SAS HBA in IT Mode

Dell H200 Integrated 6Gbps SAS HBA with LSI 9210-8i P20 IT Mode for ZFS FreeNAS unRAID DPN: H215J,0H215J Brand: Dell Part... more info

H3-25412-00H LSI 9207-8i 6gb/s 8port Int Pci-e 3.0 Sata Sas HBA

LSI SAS 9207-8i (LSI2308) 6Gb/s SATA+SAS pci-e 3.0 Full Profile Host Bus Adapter Part #(s): LSI00301, 9207-8I, H3-25412-00H,H3-25412-00G ... more info

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