Configure-To-Order (CTO) Servers

CTO Servers

CTO is a term technology integrators use to build servers, and other made to order pieces of equipment. CTO is short for ‘Configure To Order’. This means something that can be made to the customer's exact requirements.There is no need to buy off-the-shelf servers anymore just because of the perceived complexity of custom solutions. With a trusted partner at your side and purpose-built servers that precisely meet your needs, you can proudly announce that you have a server deployment architected, built out, and ready to go. We undertake to help you architect a solution that takes your budgetary constraints, performance requirements, and lifecycle planning needs into account.

Benefits of CTO?

There are benefits for both the customer and the supplier when it comes to CTO. For the customer, the main benefit is that they will receive a product that will fulfil their exact requirements.

When buying directly from original manufacturers, customers will be offered configured servers, which will contain particular memory, storage, processors etc. These set configurations will not always work for each customer. When buying from us, we can offer any configuration the customer requires, which provides flexibility.

Additionally, it is also a cost-effective way of getting the product you actually need. By buying a preconfigured server straight from a manufacturer, you will be paying more for features you don’t want or need. By buying a CTO server, you are paying for exactly what you want. This will save you money and help you do the job you need to do.

For suppliers, this means they can offer better customer service. As the CTO service is fully customisable, Tekmart Africa can offer customers servers that are tailored to their exact needs. This can help satisfy customers more as the servers can be delivered just as they need them.

Here at Tekmart Africa, we are specialists in configure-to-order servers. Any Processor, Any Disk, Any RAM.

Why consider (CTO)- Configure-To-Order servers?

  • We see flexibility as a core competency.
  • We are able to Configure To Order any servers, refurbished or new to your requirements, within technological limits.

We can configure any of our refurbished servers to most configurations from stock parts, all servers are tested using the manufacturers own diagnostics tools before shipping. All of our used servers are supplied with a 12 month warranty and telephone support. If you do not see what you require on the website then please contact us via telephone, email or use the online chat feature.

Need help choosing the right server for your needs? Can’t seem to get your RAID array set up?

Again no stress. Simply drop us a mail or give us a call at 0861 711 712 (Within RSA) or +2711 027 6793 (International). Our support consultants will gladly provide a quote based on your custom configuration needs.

Configure-To-Order (CTO) Servers