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Lenovo has a portfolio of servers products broken into 3 main  categories:-

1. Rack servers

Lenovo rack servers deliver high value with a small, organized footprint. These servers are easily expandable and scalable, while able to handle most data center workloads. Their rack servers are ideal for medium to large businesses that are preparing to scale and need to meet mission-critical demands. The vast memory and storage capacity should be more than enough for your business needs.

Rack servers are highly agile by design, providing the modern enterprise with capabilities that allow network storage support for dedicated server (network), DNS server, or even GPU-rich server configurations.

Video 4: A short video on IBM x3650 M5 server as a choice for deployment in your data center.

2. Blade servers:-

Lenovo blade servers are the most advanced servers on the market today. As the workhorses of the server market, our blade servers are meant to streamline operations and conserve as much space as possible.

A Lenovo blade server has up to 80% better density than a standard rack server deployment, which makes it highly effective with a smaller footprint. Blade servers can be the foundation for your on-premise cloud server or virtualization server environment, with on-board networking and dense memory deployments.

Lenovo pride themselves on high-performing 2-socket and 4-socket blade servers that feature strong security, efficiency, and reliability. Our networking and chassis options are designed to accommodate any business needs.

3. Tower servers:-

Lenovo tower servers combine robust performance and affordability for small businesses and larger institutions. With a small form factor, these highly reliable and whisper-quiet servers are optimized for office environments.

These are ideal when used as a remote office’s exchange server, data storage server, or file server, tower servers are easy to set up, so you won't have to invest hours of manual effort to install them.

Designed to be highly energy-efficient, your team can feel great about conserving power and lowering overhead.

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