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Dell Part Numbers - How to Locate and Identify

Finding the correct part number on a Dell product can be a challenge and confusing to those who aren't used to looking for them. Dell uses these part numbers for replacement/spare parts and also to identify original system configurations on the Dell support website. Many parts have multiple Dell part numbers or spares and can be used interchangeably. For example, there may be up to a dozen different part numbers for power supplies that fit a specific Dell server.  

It's best to look for a sequence of both numbers and letters, usually preceded by a two-letter code of the country of manufacture e.g. DP/N, CN, JP, SG, US, ID, etc. The first digit is usually a 0 (zero) followed by a five character alpha-numeric code that is the Dell part number. The first 0 (zero) is usually omitted and the additional numbers after the second dash signifies the individual serial number of the item.

Dell OEM memory DIMMS (RAM) will rarely have a Dell part number or Dell logo on it.  Dell uses third-party OEMs to manufacture memory for servers and workstations (Samsung, Hynix, Micron, etc). The same is true for many Dell OEM hard drives. While there may not be a Dell logo on the drive label, there will always be a Dell part number if the hard drive is a true Dell OEM.

Some Examples of Dell Part Numbers

Example 1 - P/N: XD084 - A Dell SATA RAID Controller

Example 2 - P/N: FC960 - A Dell OEM hard drive manufactured by Seagate with Dell firmware as opposed to a Seagate white label and generic firmware

Example 3 - P/N: XC320 - A Dell PowerEdge 2850 System Board

Example 4 - P/N: 4U852 - A Dell 2GB HBA Adapter Card manufactured by QLogic

Newer generations of Dell servers and parts feature a small, square label with a QR code that features the part number in two places. 

Tekmart Africa carries a large range of refurbished PowerEdge motherboards for most Dell servers. All of our motherboards are fully tested using the manufacturers diagnostics and will be a direct replacement for your faulty board. If you cannot locate  the exact Dell part number for your board then please email us and we will be able to tell if our motherboards are a direct alternative part number.

An aerial view of a sample  Dell PowerEdge 2950 System showing the componently and layout on an installed board.Dell Server

020HJ Dell PowerEdge R720/R720XD Server Motherboard

Dell Motherboard for PowerEdge R720 & R720xd DPN:020HJ, 0020HJ,X3D66,0X3D66 Brand: Dell Part #: 020HJ, 0020HJ Alt. Part #: X3D66,0X3D66 ... more info

03X6X0 Dell PowerEdge R210 II Replacement Motherboard

Dell PowerEdge R210 II Motherboard iDRAC 6 BMC DPN:3X6X0 This is a genuine Dell PowerEdge R210 LGA 1156/Socket H DDR3 Server Motherboard with... more info

03XKDV Dell PowerEdge R430 Replacement Motherboard

Dell PowerEdge R430 Motherboard V1 iDRAC 8 Basic DPN: 3XKDV, 03XKDV,DYFC8,CN7X8 This is a genuine replacement motherboard for PowerEdge R430... more info

051XDX DELL Motherboard for PowerEdge R520 -System Board

Dell Motherboard for Dell Poweredge R520 - System Board / Mainboard DPN: 051XDX, 51XDX BRAND: DELL PART... more info

05XKKK Dell PowerEdge R310 Server V2 Motherboard

Dell PowerEdge R310 Server V2 Motherboard DPN: P229K,0P229K, CN-0P229K Brand: Dell Part #:P229K 0P229K CN-0P229K MPN: M3WNJ,0M3WNJ, CN-0M3WNJ,... more info

0658N7 Dell PowerEdge T620 Dual Socket LGA 2011 Mainboard

Dell PowerEdge T620 V1 / V2 Dual Socket LGA 2011 DDR3 Server Motherboard DPN: 0658N7,658N7,0G1CNH,0658N7,03GCPM Brand: Dell Part... more info

072T6D Dell R730/730XD V3 System Board / Motherboard

Dell System Board for PowerEdge R730 & R730XD DPN: 072T6D,72T6D Brand: Dell Part #: 072T6D,72T6D Dell Alt. Part #(s): 599V5,... more info

072XWF Dell PowerEdge R420 V1 Mainboard

Dell System Board / Server Board / Motherboard for PowerEdge R420 DPN: 72XWF,072XWF Brand: Dell Part #: 72XWF,072XWF Specs:-  ... more info
07T4MC Dell PowerEdge T30 Server LGA 1151 Mainboard07T4MC Dell PowerEdge T30 Server LGA 1151 Mainboard
Sold Out

07T4MC Dell PowerEdge T30 Server LGA 1151 Mainboard

Dell PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server Intel LGA 1151 Motherboard / System Board / Mainboard DPN: 7T4MC,07T4MC. Brand: Dell Part... more info

08D89F Dell PowerEdge R740 / 740XD V3 Motherboard

Dell PowerEdge R740 / 740XD V3 Motherboard / Server System board / Mainboard DPN: 8D89F,08D89F Brand: Dell Part #:8D89F,08D89F Specs:-  ... more info

09V95H DELL EMC PowerEdge R840 / R940XA Replacement Motherboard

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Dell PowerEdge R840/R940xa MLK v2 Motherboard DPN: 9V95H,09V95H,329-BEOT,NNJGC,NYH9H,0NNJGC,0NYH9H,TF0V7,0TF0V7 Brand: Dell Part... more info

0CNCJW Dell PowerEdge R630 V1 System Board / Mainboard

Dell Poweredge R630 Server System Board DPN: CNCJW,0CNCJW,86D43,2C2CP   Brand: Dell   ::  Part #: CNCJW,0CNCJW  ... more info

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