IBM Rackmount Rails

Tekmart Africa offers a wide variety of IBM rack rail kits for mounting various types of equipment including servers, storage arrays, KMM/KVM consoles, routers, and switches.

In order to make sure you select the correct rail kit for your device, you will need the model number of your device / system and the type of rack you have.

00D3962 IBM Railkit for x3550 m4x3650 m4x3750 m4

00D3962 IBM xSeries X3650 X3750 M4 Server Access Rail Kit Brand: IBM Part #: 00D3962, 00D3963  Compatibility: IBM X3650 X3750 M4... more info

00D9374 IBM 1U Sliding Rail Kit For x3650 M4 & x3550 M4

IBM Ball Bearing Rail Kit Generation III for System X3550 X3650 M4 fru: 00D9374,00D9375 Brand IBM Part Numbers 00D9374, 00D9375 ... more info

00LU601 IBM Rail Kit for Power Systems E850

IBM Rail Kit for Power Systems E850 FRU: 00LU601,00LU600 Brand: IBM Part #: 00LU601,00LU600 Specs:-   ::  Type: Server Rail... more info

00Y8213 IBM (00Y8210) X3530 M4 Server Right & Left Rail Kit

IBM Rack Rail Kit X3530 M4 X3630 M4 X3650 M4 FRU(s):00Y8210 00Y8213 Brand: IBM Part #: 00Y8213,00Y8210 Specs:-   ::  Type:... more info

39J0099 IBM 550 550Q Server Rail Set (A0347)

IBM 550 550Q Server Rail Set (A0347) FRU: 39J0099 39J0098 Brand: IBM Part #: 39J0099, 39J0098, 39J0248, 9133-55A Specs:- ... more info

3M1354/3M1355 Schroff Rack Mounting Rail Set Rail Kit

Schroff Rack Mounting Rail Set Rail Kit (R & L Rails) Part #: 3M1354/3M1355,30001191/30001189 Brand: Schroff Part # (s): (R) 3M1354  ... more info

43W4519 IBM Tool-Less Slide Rail Kit for System x3650

IBM X3650 Server Rail Kit (L&R) 43W4518 & 43W4519 / 90P4049 & 90P4071 Brand: IBM Part #:43W4518 43W4519 / 90P4049 90P4071 Compatible... more info

44X0191,44X0192 IBM Rackmount Rail Kit For X-series Servers

IBM Rackmount Server Rail Kit Left And Right For X series Server Part #: 44X0191,44X0192 Brand: IBM Part #: 44X0191,44X0192 Specs:- ... more info

46C4161 IBM x3650 M2 x3550 M3 Access Rail Kit

IBM Lenovo XSeries X3550 M3 X365 (IBM X3650 M2 X3550 M3) Server Access Rail Kit 32" Length Left and Right FRU: 46C4160,46C4161,59Y3792 Brand:... more info

46C7859 IBM Rack Mount Kit for IBM System X3250 M2/M3/M4

IBM RAIL KIT FOR IBM SYSTEM X3250 M4 Part #: 46C7859 Brand: IBM Part #: 46C7859 46C7860 46C7861 Specs:-   ::  Type:... more info

46M3536 IBM X3850 M2 Left & Right Server Sliding Rail Kit

IBM X3850 M2 Server Access Rail Kit  Part #: R-46M3536, L-46M3537 (Set) Brand: IBM Part #: 46M3536 46M3537 Compatibility: IBM... more info

46M5328 39M2955 IBM Left & Right Rail Mount Kit for 7316-TF3

IBM Left & Right Rail Mount Kit 1973 for 1723-HC1 -1UX 7316-TF3  550-296-502 620-636-502 520-2293-501 39M2958 39M2961 40K9644 Kit 5135... more info

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