IBM Power Supplies

When ordering parts, please have the 7-digit part number available at the time the order is being placed.

  • Marketing part numbers are used to purchase a product as an additional accessory or upgrade for your computer.
  • Field replacement unit (FRU) part numbers are service part numbers used to replace a defective part currently installed or attached to your computer.

00AK872 IBM Lenovo DPS-400AB-9 400 Watts PSU for x3200 M3

IBM / Lenovo 400 Watts PSU for System X3200 M3 Part #(s): 00AK872 DPS-400AB-9 / 46M6675 46M6678 Brand: IBM Part #: 46M6675,... more info

00FK932 IBM x3650 M5 750W High Efficiency Power Supply

Lenovo System x 750W High Efficiency Platinum AC Power FRU: 00FK932,00FK930 Brand: IBM / Lenovo Part #:   ::  IBM FRU:... more info

00J6066 IBM 300 Watt X3250 M4 NHP (Cabled) Power Supply

IBM 300 Watt Power Supply for System x3250 M4 FRU(s):81Y6301,00J6066 00J6070 00AL207,69Y5537 Brand: IBM Part #: 81Y6301,00J6066 00J6070... more info

00MV212 IBM High Efficiency 900W -48V DC PSU for X3550 M5

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IBM 900-Watts High Efficiency -48 V DC Power Supply for System x FRU: 00MV212 This is a genuine OEM IBM 900W High Efficiency Redundant -48V... more info

00Y7440 IBM 300Watt Power Supply For X3250 M5 Servers

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IBM X3250 M5 1U  Server Power Supply FRU(S): FSC049 00Y7440 00AM101 Brand: IBM / Lenovo Part #: 00Y7440 Model: FSC049 ... more info

24R2731 IBM 835W Hot-Swap Power Supply X-SERIES X3500 / X3650

IBM 835-Watt Hot-Swap Power Supply for x-Series X3500 / X3650 FRU: 24R2731 Brand: IBM Part # :... more info

39Y7188 IBM x3550 670W Redundant Power Supply

IBM 670Watt Redundant Power Supply For Xseries 3550 Part #: 39Y7189, 39Y7188,39Y7196 Brand: IBM Part #(s):39Y7189, 39Y7188,39Y7196 ... more info

39Y7191 IBM 700-Watts DC Power Supply for System x3650

IBM 700-Watts DC Power Supply for System x3650 FRU: 39Y7191  Brand: IBM Part #: 39Y7191   Alt Part #: 39Y7190, 43W5902 ... more info

39Y7200 IBM 675W Power Supply Unit (PSU) for x3550 x3650 M2

IBM 675W Power Supply Unit  for x3550 x3650 M2 FRU: 39Y7200 Brand: IBM IBM Part #:39Y7200 IBM FRU Part #: 39Y7201 Model #:... more info

39Y7218 IBM X3690 X5 675W Power Supply

IBM x3650 675W Power Supply FRU: 39Y7218,39Y7216 Brand: IBM Part #: 39Y7218,39Y7216 Specs:-   ::  Type: Server Power Supply ... more info

39Y7377 IBM 835W IBM Xseries Redundant Power Supply

IBM 835W Power Supply for xSeries x3650 x3550 x3400 fru: 39Y7378 39Y7377 Brand: IBM Part #: 39Y7377 Alt. Part #: 39Y7378,... more info

39Y7385 IBM 1300W Redundant Power Supply for x3950 /x3850 /x336

IBM 1300 Watts Redundant Power Supply for xSeries x3950 / x3850 / x336 FRU: 39Y7385 Brand: IBM Part #: 39Y7385 Alt. Part... more info

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