Huawei FusionCube for Cloud

Huawei FusionCube for Cloud (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) is an IT platform based on a hyper-converged architecture. It complies with open architecture standards, converges compute and storage, and pre-integrates distributed storage engines, virtualization, and cloud management software, allowing for resource-on-demand provisioning and linear expansion.

FusionCube for Cloud supports various hardware form factors including blade, high-density, and rack, meeting the flexible configuration requirements of different services for compute, storage, and I/O resources.

The FusionCube for Cloud applies to cloud computing scenarios and is an ideal choice for deploying the IT infrastructure of cloud data centers.

Huawei FusionCube 6000VH Server

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Huawei  FusionCube 6000VH Brand: Huawei Model #: 6000VH Specs:- Processor: 2  x Intel  E5-2658A V3 12 core CPUs ... more info

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