Cable Management Arms

A Cable Management Arm (CMA) is a device that helps you manage multiple cables protruding from the back of your  servers by bundling them together and hiding them from view. The Cable Management Arm is compatible with sliding rails, however is not compatible with static rails.

Cable Management Arm keeps even cables that move with your equipment organized. Designed for rack mounted equipment with slide rails.

There are a number of ways to manage cables within your server racks and cabinets. Regardless of your cable organization method, you’ll find that Tekmart carries an assortment of network cable management products that can fit your needs.

When it comes to server rack management, organization of server cables is extremely important. Our cable management products are designed to organize your network cabinets in the most efficient way possible without sacrificing server rack space. We carry a wide array of products in multiple configurations.

Some of our most popular server cable management tools include crossbars, CMA’s, trays, straps, and zip ties. Whether you need a vertical or horizontal cable manager, Tekmart Africa can provide. We offer cable organization products ranging from cable management bars with d-rings and patch cable organizers, to overhead cabling trays.

Whatever you need to tidy up your server rack cables, we most likely have these in stock !.

Figure 1: A sample representaton of cable management tools, in a server cabinet enclosure,  available at Tekmart Africa.

Cable Management Arms